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What Tomorrow May Bring

Tarot as Sacred Text

Written by Rita Berger

One of the reasons that tarot fascinates so many people for so long (sometimes for the whole of their lives) is that there are so many ways to understand the cards. Divination is one way, perhaps the most common, and is certainly valuable. I also like to see the cards, individually and in groups, as


The Practical Magic of a Personal Tarot Practice

Written by Sasha Graham

There is an inherent magic to a daily tarot practice. The beauty of this ultimate act of self care lay in its simplicity. No advance experience or deep spiritual practice is required because you already are a spiritual creature. You are the sorceress who has created the reality you inhabit. Tarot helps you become your


Tarot Shadow Work

Sasha Graham Shadow Work Tarot Cards Eyes
Written by Sasha Graham

Shadow work is the exploration of the repressed, unconscious, often negative sides of our personality. Illumination into the dark part of our psyche makes way for self-awareness. It can bring clarity and joy while often unleashing personal power because it takes effort to repress, hide, and ignore elements of the self. Claim your Shadow power