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What Tomorrow May Bring

Tarot Shadow Work

Sasha Graham Shadow Work Tarot Cards Eyes

Written by Sasha Graham

Shadow work is the exploration of the repressed, unconscious, often negative sides of our personality.

Illumination into the dark part of our psyche makes way for self-awareness. It can bring clarity and joy while often unleashing personal power because it takes effort to repress, hide, and ignore elements of the self.

Claim your Shadow power and use it to enhance any area of your life.

“Now is not the time for a fanciful dip into our shadow because it is sexy or fashionable. It is essential, now more than ever, to bravely gaze into the darkest chambers of our hearts. It is only with an honest appraisal of the seat of our souls that we can mend ourselves individually and collectively.”

~ Sasha Graham, Dark Wood Tarot

The Shadow Self is the disowned or hidden part of your personality. Shedding the dualistic thought that light is “good” and dark is “bad” heals us. The monsters are not out there. They are not some imagined, “other.” They are inside of us.

The more we ignore and repress inner demons, the hungrier, more vicious, and destructive they become. When we embrace the unknown, confront clinging fears, meet and greet our shadow sides, we uncover glittering treasures of the soul. Hidden talents emerge and latent abilities spring to life. Evolution unfolds. Like seeds sprouting deep inside dark damp earth, we root. This enables us to reach into the light and manifest something new.

Metaphorical and literal darkness leads to harrowing experiences but if we examine the darkest moments of our life, we realize it is here we learn great lessons. We discover what we are made of.

We exist between the polarity of light and dark. Dualistic thinking, even New Age sayings such as “love and light,” insinuates light is “good” and dark is “bad.” Mention divine inspiration, angels, and divinity and people instinctively look up. Speak of demons and death and people instinctively look down. Our work is to integrate and eventually transcend darkness and light altogether by holding them equally in a state of interconnection.

Darkness is infinite while sunlight contains boundaries. Scientists tell us the cosmos is almost entirely made of dark matter, an energy making up more than ninety percent of the universe. Our sun is but a pinprick of light in the known universe. We are tiny specks on earth basking the sun’s glow amidst the vastness of deep space. We mistakenly think daytime is the universal norm because it’s where most of us spend our waking hours, but darkness is the natural state of the universe.

You have an opportunity to create a new narrative for yourself every time you flip a card. New stories invite possibility. Possibility paves the way for evolution. Evolution asks you to utilize everything that makes you unique. You are infinitely powerful but with power comes great responsibility.

Now is not time for a fanciful dip into our collective shadow but the absolute medicine required to see us through the largest energetic shift our generation has ever experienced.

It is imperative we examine our dark sides and embrace a culture of introspection. The Shadow is needed now more than ever. We heal the world when we heal ourselves. And hope shines brightest when it illuminates the dark.

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