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What Tomorrow May Bring

Live Virtual Event October 15, 2022

Live Virtual Event October 15, 2022

Awaken Your Inner Magic

For centuries, cultures around the world have sought direction and clarity from the tarot. Could it be its symbolic power that lures us to explore our deepest truths? Or the evocative archetypes, motifs, and hidden codes that unlock our intuitive abilities and psychic potentials?

Whether seeking answers for oneself or providing counsel for a querent, the tarot encourages all to uncover the meaning of the characters, pathways, and stories that thread the fabric of our existence.

Join us—and nine distinguished tarot veterans and rising stars—for an enthralling virtual weekend of live interactive tarot teachings, mystical transmissions and intuitive guidance.

This experiential event will educate, empower and entertain you with ancient esoteric systems, modern techniques and captivating interpretations for using the tarot as your trusted guide through the unknown, the unexpected, and the uncanny. Plus you’ll have the exciting opportunity to ask questions and receive on-the-spot guidance directly from our tarot masters!

Whether you want to strengthen your tarot skills or feed your curiosity about its time-tested wisdom and symbolism, Tarotpalooza is your portal to the wondrous gifts of your very own intuitive power. Will you embrace it?

Our Powerful Lineup of Tarot Stars

Sasha Graham

Sasha Graham


Want to unearth your deepest desires and hidden motivations? Join bestselling author Sasha Graham as she guides you through the Tarot Dream Oraculum from her latest book The Magic of Tarot. Dream work and tarot are perfect bedfellows but combining the two modalities can be confusing. Sasha’s Dream Oraculum is a simple and practical system anyone can use for fusing dreams and tarot. Unlock the mystery of the subconscious self to manifest your deepest dreams into a waking reality. See more >>

Daniel Pillai

Daniel Pillai

Fueling Your Personal Journey of Growth & Healing

Embark on a soulful and empowering journey through the tarot with Daniel Pillai, founder of Queen Dee Tarot, and see yourself, your feelings, and your experiences reflected in each of the cards. Discover tarot’s power to put you in the driver’s seat of your own life as the sole narrator of your personal story and the vessel through which all beautiful things flow. See more >>

Laetitia Barbier

Laetitia Barbier


Discover how to transform the “one card pull” into an exalting experience by using reading techniques inspired by art history and poetic experimentations. Through parlor games and collective reflection, you’ll learn simple ways to inflame your imagination, let your intuition bloom and reconnect with your inner muse. See more >>

Margaret “Granny” Jamison

Margaret “Granny” Jamison


Join eclectic hedge witch Margaret Howard Jamison to experience tarot’s rich potential as a metaphysical tool for aligning your desires with the cosmic energy around you and creating a pathway to fulfillment. From simple focused meditations to more complex and fun rituals, you will learn how to access the power of the esoteric symbols, the archetypes, and the structure of the tarot deck for your own magick! See more >>

Bakara Wintner

Bakara Wintner


Understand each suit’s court cards as a family unit, their archetypal characteristics, and how they function within this system. Explore the court cards by type (the mothers, the daughters, etc.) and the unique roles they play interpersonally as well as in the larger context of the tarot. You will leave with lasting, personalized interpretations of some of the tarot’s trickiest cards. See more >>




Magic happens when you interweave the cosmos and the cards. Join Tarot BFF and Transformational Coach V in uncovering your personal astrological roots and understanding how they determine your distinct qualities, challenges, and characteristics. Then see what zodiac-specific messages the tarot has for nourishing your soul and embracing your personal evolution. See more >>

Melissa Jeanne

Melissa Jeanne


A strong foundation is the key to success, no matter what tarot deck you pick up. Join Melissa Jeanne for this fun and informative workshop on the basics of tarot. You will leave with a strong understanding of the anatomy of the deck, the meaning of the Arcanas, and how to use spreads to tell a story. Whether you are a veteran tarot reader, or just starting out on your journey, you’re sure to learn/remember what makes tarot so unique and powerful. See more >>

Elliot Adam

Elliot Adam


Join best-selling author Elliot Adam as he reveals how to elevate your tarot readings to the next level. Anyone can do a reading, but not everyone succeeds at delivering a clear message that resonates. Discover how to provide readings that go straight to the heart of your querent’s deeper experiences. See more >>

A Very Special Post-Event Presentation with…

Rachel Pollack

Rachel Pollack

BEHIND THE VEIL – LIVE MASTER Q&A (Facilitated by Sasha Graham)

Curious about tarot’s origin or evolution? The secret mysteries, polysemic symbolism, and magic of the cards? Want to know how to masterfully imbue the ancient wisdom of the tarot into readings for today? This exclusive, live master Q&A session gives VIPs the opportunity to have their personal tarot questions answered by world-renowned tarot icon, author, artist, and historian Rachel Pollack. (This presentation will not be recorded.) See more >>

And Our Host…

Sunny Dawn Johnston

Sunny Dawn Johnston

We are thrilled to have acclaimed psychic-medium, best-selling author, and metaphysical expert Sunny Dawn Johnston join us as this year’s Tarotpalooza host. Sunny is a weekly columnist for Woman’s World magazine and the author of twenty-one books, including her flagship bestsellers, Invoking the Archangels and The Love Never Ends, which have become the cornerstones for many of her keynote topics such as intuition, mediumship, and the angelic realm. See more >>

Choose Your Experience

VIP Tarot Experience

Limited Availability

October 14, 15, & 16

In addition to the standard admission ticket offerings, your VIP experience includes more time with our speakers, more goodies, and participation in our post-event Master Q&A “Behind the Veil” with Rachel Pollack.

  • Live access to the Welcome Reception
  • Virtually meet the speakers
  • Intimate group sessions/readings
  • VIP digital swag bag
  • Submit your question for Rachel Pollack
  • +Standard Admission ticket with workshop video recordings

VIP Ticket $136

Standard Admission

October 15

Join us for eight experiential workshops with renowned Tarot veterans and rising stars and observe our post-event Master Q&A “Behind the Veil” with Rachel Pollack.

  • Admission to live speaker workshops
  • Access to post-event Q&A with Rachel Pollack (spectator only)
  • Workshop video recordings
  • Interactive games with prizes
  • Access to our private Facebook Group with special content and interaction with our Tarot stars.
  • Join a community of like-minded Tarot enthusiasts

Ticket $96

Video Recordings

Unable To Join Us? Learn at your own pace while getting all the benefits of our speakers insights, guidance, and visual demonstrations.

  • Downloadable video recordings of all eight workshops
  • Revisit teachings as many times as you wish

Recordings $66

Schedule of Events

(Seating is limited.)

Friday, Oct 14, 2022

VIP Welcome Reception

( Limited )

4:30 pm – 6 pm PT/
7:30 pm – 9 pm ET

Saturday, Oct 15, 2022

Virtual Event

Workshops 1—4

9 am – 1 pm PT / 12 pm – 4 pm ET

Break for Lunch/Dinner

1 pm – 2 pm PT / 4 pm – 5 pm ET

Workshops 5—8

2 pm – 6 pm PT / 5 pm – 9 pm ET

Sunday, Oct 16, 2022

Behind the Veil

Master Q&A with World-Famous Tarot Icon Rachel Pollack

10 am – 11 am PT / 1 pm – 2 pm ET