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Illuminating The Shadow
a Sasha Graham Master Class


The Practical Magic of a Personal Tarot Practice

Sasha Graham September 20, 2020

There is an inherent magic to a daily tarot practice. The beauty of this ultimate act of self care lay in its simplicity. No advance experience or deep spiritual practice is required because you already are a spiritual creature. You are the sorceress who has created the reality you inhabit. Tarot helps you become your


Something Wicked This Way Comes!

Tarot Shadow Work

Sasha Graham September 9, 2020

Shadow work is the exploration of the repressed, unconscious, often negative sides of our personality. Illumination into the dark part of our psyche makes way for self-awareness. It can bring clarity and joy while often unleashing personal power because it takes effort to repress, hide, and ignore elements of the self. Claim your Shadow power


The Fool of Dark Woods Tarot

3 Things You Must Know About the Dark Wood Tarot

Sasha Graham September 1, 2020

1 – The Dark Wood Tarot is a Shadow Tarot Deck. The Shadow Self is a term used in analytical psychology representing the hidden and repressed parts of our personality. We stuff icky qualities, secret desires, and squirmy details we would rather not acknowledge including jealousy, anger, sexual desires, etc. into our Shadow Self. The


Sasha Graham reading Tarot

Who Is Sasha Graham?

Sasha Graham August 29, 2020

Sasha Graham is a Tarot Diva, a Tarot expert. She has been featured on a lot of media outlets, created events at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Morgan Library. She has published three books about Tarot. She loves reading cards. That’s her passion. When you read cards for somebody, you get really deep.